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As a new business, we want to give you the best possible chance of success

SeavorChartered specialises in accountancy services for people who are about to or have just started in business. We love working with enthusiastic new business owners and we are passionate about helping them make their new business a success. As a new business start-up, we want to give you the best possible chance of success in growing your business and making a profit.

As a new business, we get to understand your circumstances and vision for the future of your business.  This enables us to advise you correctly on the following:

Business Structure

Sole trader, partnership, or limited company are the options available to a new business. Your choice of structure should be based on commercial factors, such as the importance of public image, the degree of risk and the most tax efficient structure.  We can help you make the right choice, by advising on the pro’s and con’s of each structure and how in practical terms each structure would work for you.

Tax advice

As Chartered Tax Advisers we will ensure your tax liabilities are minimised. Getting the right tax advise from the start can save you and your business thousands (Yes thousands!) each year. We can also take responsibility for the administration associated with your taxation including PAYE and VAT enabling you to focus on developing your business.


As a new business it is important to setup with a bank you can trust, that offer easy to use facilities and isn’t going to charge you to much.  We have relationships with the major banks and can advise on the right account for you.  In most cases we can get bank accounts for new businesses with free banking for 2 years.

We can also assist you with your business plan, advise on financing and your businesses record keeping. Having these in place from the start will allow your business to build on a strong foundation.

Record keeping

We will give you advice on how to keep your business finance records including the benefits of online accounting software.  Real time financial information can give you a real understanding of your business performance and highlight the areas which if focused on will have the most impact on your businesses profits.

For every business to grow they are going to have to consider VAT registration and taking on employees, SeavorChartered will advise you and give reassurance that this is right for your business.

Business plan

A business plan can be more than a strategy to help you raise capital; it is a management tool which helps you set out your plans, projections and their associated risks. We can help you establish achievable goals, and create a firm financial base which will help you realise them.


Financing is a key factor in creating a success business. We can advise you on the best sources of finance to suit your circumstances and help you balance and maximise the resources available to you.

Registering for VAT

Registering for VAT may not be compulsory for your business and registering your business for VAT at the right time can save your business significant amounts of money.  We will advise on your VAT obligations and when is the best time to register your business for VAT.

Taking on employees

There is a lot to consider when taking on employees and we will reassure you that you have everything in order.  We can also take care of the payroll administration freeing up your time to focus on your business.

In addition, SeavorChartered promises the following:

Fixed pricing

We quote a monthly fixed price from the start.  We don’t want you to be afraid to pick up the telephone encase you are billed.  Fixed pricing also reassures you that you will never receive a surprise bill.

Free initial meeting

We offer a free initial meeting as we don’t want you to incur costs before you have met us and are reassured that we are the right accountancy, tax and business advisers for you.

We’re here to help you

If you would like to discuss the accounts for your new business why not give us a call on 01228 904904


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