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Complete Accounting

We offer a full accountancy service which includes the preparation of monthly, quarterly and year-end accounts from accountancy software or manual records.

Whatever entity you trade as, be it a sole trader, partnership or a limited company. We can offer a service that works for you. If you want regular contact or just a meeting at the year-end we can accommodate.

An Accountancy Service
That Works For You

Sole Traders / Partnerships

For sole traders and partnerships, we not only prepare accounts to calculate your Income Tax liability and complete your Tax Return. We also review if you should be VAT Registered or if there are any HM Revenue & Customs VAT Schemes that would reduce your VAT liability. We also consider if incorporation is right for you and advise on any potential tax savings.

Limited Companies

We prepare accounts for Limited Companies which are in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 and either FRS105 for Micro Entities or FRS102. When preparing company accounts we review your PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax and remuneration structure to ensure your business is tax efficient. We also deal with Companies House, all statutory documentation and HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

Getting value from your accounting

We believe all businesses benefit from at least one face to face meeting a year. Having a face to face meeting will ensure you understand the financial and tax position of your business.

Producing accurate accounts is a given and we aim to go one step further. We consider the risks and opportunities of your business and highlight trends and management information from your records which can give a real insight on how to improve your business. We will discuss these with you and their impact on your business. In addition, we ensure that you understand what your accounts show and how this affects things such as your tax liabilities or a mortgage application for example.

Preparing accurate accounts that comply with accounting standards and relevant Legislation is a given. SeavorChartered goes one step further and reviews all taxes which affect a business to ensure each and every business is tax efficient. We also look carefully at what the accounts tell us and offer practical business advice.

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We’re here to help

We believe preparing accounts is more than just recording past results. We believe preparing accounts provides opportunities to identify trends which when focused on will develop your business.

If you would like to discuss your business’ accounting and how you can get more value. Why not get in touch?

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