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Business Planning & Strategy

Planning for growth

Running and managing your own business can consume all your energy and it is easy to lose focus and passion for your business.  Having a plan and strategy in place for your business will ensure you maximise your growth potential.

We work with owner-managed businesses to formulate a plan and strategy to achieve their business and personal goals.

We use a proven framework to develop an effective strategy for your business.

The GLOSS Method

Goals, Location, Obstacles, Speed, Solution

Goals – Where are you trying to get to?

Like any journey you must understand where you are trying to get too, focusing on your personal goals and your business goals.  Understanding your objectives first enables a strategy to be developed.  We would recommend you consider what your goals look like at 90 days, 1 year and 3 years and the end game (succession or sale).

Location – Where are you now?

To understand the challenges ahead you need to fully understand your current position; your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities and your threats.

Obstacles – What is standing in the way?

Discovering your obstacles enables these to be tackled and form part of your overall strategy.  Obstacles often are a limitation on your resources e.g. time, money, people, knowledge or technology.

Speed – How fast do you want to get there?

Understanding the speed of achieving your objectives will outline the potential risks and the part you will play in moving your business forward.

Solution – The strategy

Having followed the steps of the GLOSS method you will have a clear understanding of what your goals are, what it is going to take to achieve them and a framework to monitor your success on your way to your end game.

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